House in Wellingborough street is target for drug dealers

Knox Road is under mob rule on occasion, says one resident
Knox Road is under mob rule on occasion, says one resident

A house that is being used to house young adults moving out of care is being targeted by drug dealers and youths, a resident living nearby has claimed.

Sandra Campion lives near the house in Knox Road, Wellingborough, which is owned by supported homes provider Jump, and she said it has become a magnet for troublemakers.

She said: “There is a consistent and persistent group of males hanging round the property because they know vulnerable people are being put in there.

“Drugs are being taken and dealt, alcohol consumed, foul language used alongside aggressive and abusive behaviour.

“On occasion Knox Road is under mob rule.”

Jump provides homes for care leavers aged 16 and over and the house is occupied by up to three women.

Mrs Campion said: “Residents are unable to sleep, are abused by intoxicated youths, are putting up with criminal damage and feel unsafe in their own neighbourhood.”

She added: “It’s so frustrating, nobody seems to want to be responsible for what’s happening.

I’ve written to the county council and they were supposed to respond by August 26.

“They didn’t and when I rang up to inquire they said the letter was in the post.

“It finally came on September 17 and wasn’t helpful at all.

“Jump have not responded to anything and Wellingborough Council have told me that as the police are involved it’s not their problem.

“The local police have been fantastic but it’s so frustrating, I can’t see how the situation is helping anyone.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “Jump is an independent organisation with which the county council places young people leaving care to help them gain independence.

“We are in contact with the neighbour who has made a formal complaint and are liaising with them and Jump to see if a way forward can be found.”

The Telegraph contacted Jump about the concerns of residents living in Knox Road but we have not had a reply from them.