House donation will help train county firefighters

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A Rushden-based housing association is helping to save lives by donating two unused properties to be used as realistic training environments for firefighters in Northamptonshire.

Spire Housing manages more than 5,000 properties across the East Midlands.

Two of its properties in Rutland are being used by fire crews from Northamptonshire to replicate emergency scenarios.

Andy Wright, Spire Homes’ housing services team manager, said: “These are homes that we’re not going to be re-letting because they need too much money spending on them and we’d much rather divert that money into new affordable housing.

“This site has been earmarked to be redeveloped and so these houses are standing empty. We can’t use them for anything else and so we wanted to give them a different purpose that would benefit the local community.

“We have a good relationship with our fire and rescue services and decided to make these homes available to local crews, so that they can practice their drills in a more realistic environment and help keep communities safe.

Nearby residents are informed of the exercises in advance to avoid causing alarm.