House-building in Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough and East Northants at 10-year high

In 2016/17 2,108 homes were built
In 2016/17 2,108 homes were built

More homes are being built across north Northamptonshire than at any time in the past decade, according to latest figures.

In 2016/17 2,108 homes were built, with 806 of those going up in the East Northamptonshire district.

A total of 706 were built in Kettering, 349 in Corby and 247 in Wellingborough.

Each area has housing targets set by the government which it needs to achieve each year.

However, Corby and Wellingborough fell behind their housing delivery requirements in 2016/17 which has meant they have had a penalty applied.

Both of the authorities will now have to supply an extra 20 per cent buffer to their supply of housing land.

By law each authority has to have a five per cent supply of land available for housing.

A monitoring report put before the North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Committee, which met in East Northamptonshire council yesterday (April 26), said: “This is the highest level of completions since 2007/8 (pre-recession).

“There are positive headlines to take from this year’s report but equally there are areas where improvement is sought.

“Increased overall rates of housing delivery are encouraging.

“It is also positive that each local authority area can presently demonstrate in excess of five years’ worth of future housing supply, albeit the need to closely monitor this remains to ensure it continues into the future.”

Of the 2,108 homes built in 2016/17, 531 were affordable.

By 2031, 25,768 homes need to be built across Northamptonshire. Corby has so far built 1,764 of its 9,200 home requirement; East Northamptonshire has built 2,575 of its 8,400 demand; Wellingborough has built 1,504 of its 7,000 target and Kettering has constructed 2,379 of its 10,400 requirement.