Hot air balloon causes stir when it lands in Corby

Hot air balloon lands in Oakley Vale, Corby
Hot air balloon lands in Oakley Vale, Corby

People on their way to work and children going to school were treated to a hot air balloon landing in Corby on Wednesday (July 16).

It landed near Lyveden Fields on the Oakley Vale estate at about 8am, bringing to an end a birthday treat for Claire Wallis of Kettering.

Her adventure started at Hanging Houghton and the champagne flight lasted an hour.

Claire said: “It was fantastic. My dad celebrated turning 60 in May and I had a birthday recently, so we shared the hot air balloon flight as a birthday treat. “The plan was to land in the Corby area. We caused a few heads to turn, including children on their way to school.

“It was a fabulous experience and we went over the house in Rothwell where I grew up. I thought I’d be a bit scared but it was fabulous and I’d do it again.”