Hospital sorry for Kettering traffic chaos

Traffic jam file pic
Traffic jam file pic

Kettering General Hospital has apologised after a new parking scheme caused rush-hour chaos on the roads.

The hospital’s new parking policy went live on Monday (December 3) but initial problems and high demand has seen traffic back up on Rothwell Road as far as the A14.

This morning there were still heavy delays in the area with dozens of complaints about the traffic on social media.

Kettering General Hospital’s deputy chief executive Eileen Doyle said they are working to improve the traffic flow daily.

She said: “The trust introduced a new car parking policy on December 3 and part of these changes has been to reserve particular car parking areas on the KGH site for clinical staff.

“High demand to access these areas has had an initial impact on traffic flow close to the hospital and we apologise to all drivers for any delays that have been caused in the early days of our new arrangements.

“We are working to improve this daily and make adjustments as necessary in order to meet demand and improve flow where we can.

“The availability for car parking for trust staff is a key priority for us but unfortunately we do not have enough spaces on site to meet demand, and never have had.

“We are actively looking for further offsite car parking options close to the hospital site for our staff.

“We already have 295 spaces at Trafalgar Road and 180 at Robinson Way to help us meet demand for staff spaces.”

Kettering councillor Michael Brown (Ind, Brambleside) said there needed to be a speedy resolution to the issues.

He said: “This traffic chaos is unprecedented for the Kettering area and if it continues any longer we will not only have potential economic damage to the area due to loss of business and late employees but a clear and present danger to lives and public safety due to problems with emergency services.

“We must get all relevant agencies into the room, such as the police, Northamptonshire Highways, local councillors and the local NHS to establish and admit the root cause of this chaos and to bring about a speedy resolution.”