Homes to be built on former Rushden hospital site

Rushden Hospital, Wymington Road
Rushden Hospital, Wymington Road

More than 100 homes will be built on the site of the former Rushden Hospital later this year, prompting a mixed reaction from residents.

The hospital building, in Wymington Road, is derelict but concerns have been raised about possible traffic problems.

Planning permission has been granted for the Kier Homes development, which includes the construction of 115 homes and 10 apartments in the building which housed the original hospital.

John Garley, of Rushmere Way, said: “It is a shame that the hospital and the house has been left to get in such a state, but I suppose at least it will get used now, which is good.

“But the traffic that extra homes will create is concerning, especially coming on to Wymington Road, as it’s bad enough as it is.”

Sonia Smith, of Masefield Drive, Rushden, agreed traffic and parking would be an issue. But she said the hospital building had become an eyesore and welcomed the change.

Cllr Ron Pinnock, who represents the Sartoris ward where the hospital falls, said the affordable property the development will bring would be good for the town and an improvement on the vandalised building.

David Thomas, of Kier Homes, said the development would be a positive transformation of the site.