Homes left with no internet or phones

Sonia Smith
Sonia Smith

People in a Rushden street have finally had their phone lines fixed, after being left without a landline or internet access for almost three weeks.

The phone line to a number of houses in Masefield Drive, Rushden, went down on Thursday, April 11.

The perceived lack of action by BT left residents in the street angry and frustrated.

The problem was only fixed late on Tuesday night after resident Sonia Smithemailed the chairman of BT Group and the chief executive officer of BT Open reach.

Mrs Smith said: “I had spoken to BT on Tuesday and I was told the earliest they could come out was next Tuesday.

“That would be almost a month without the service, and that was just unacceptable.

“It’s a shame that you have to go to the top for someone to do their job.

“We only wanted for it to be fixed efficiently and within an acceptable time and that only happened when the big wigs got involved.”

The problem also affected Lucy Vincent who said her family were having to rely on their mobile phones during the period.

She added her children’s homework was affected because they had no internet.

A BT spokesman said it had hoped to fix the issue by the end of last week, but underground blockages meant it had to install new ducting.