Hollywood stars at historic home

The film crew outside Boughton House
The film crew outside Boughton House

PICTURESQUE Boughton House will be the backdrop for several scenes in the big screen version of musical Les Miserables.

The Grade I listed home, near Geddington, has been turned into a film set this week, with a huge crew of more than 150 members, shooting scenes for the film.

Deric Bradshaw with Hugh Jackman

Deric Bradshaw with Hugh Jackman

A spokesman for the film said: “Les Miserables is based in 19th century France and there isn’t a house as French as Boughton, both interior and exterior, throughout the rest of the UK.

“The cast and crew are staying in the local area and all think it is beautiful.”

Filming has taken place in the house, and it will feature extensively, but producers are remaining tight-lipped on what scenes the home will feature in the final cut.

Meanwhile, gym-goers have been rubbing shoulders with Hugh Jackman after the Wolverine star turned up at Bodyshapers in School Lane, Kettering, to take out a week’s subscription. He has used the club every morning this week with his personal trainer.

Owner Vince D’Alessandro said: “He turned up and asked for a week’s subscription, but I didn’t recognise him as he didn’t have his usual beard.

“It was only when someone else pointed him out I realised. I couldn’t believe it. He’s a really nice, genuine bloke.

“He’s been chatting to people and signing autographs.

“We’ve had calls from people asking what time he comes down at.”

Deric Bradshaw, of Lyveden Place, Kettering, helps out at the club, and got a picture with the Hollywood star.

He said: “The gym is buzzing. It’s fantastic to have someone of that stature at the gym.

“He keeps himself to himself with his personal trainers.”

The film, which is based on the famous musical, will be out in the UK in January. Filming has also taken place in Portsmouth, Kent, and Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.