History brought to life at festival

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Reenactors bought history to life at Overstone Park during the Midlands History Festival.

The event was held at the Northamptonshire venue for the first time this weekend.

More than 600 reenactors travelled from across the UK to take part in the event

Among the attractions were battles and demonstrations, spanning from the Romans to World War 2.

Organiser Laurie Wignall, from Earls Barton, said: “We have more than 600 reenactors coming from all over the place, from across the UK and Europe. “The idea is for people to find out history is fun and it doesn’t have to be boring.”

James Clark-Reed, 17, was dressed as a man at arms from the early 15th century.

He said: “We travel to a lot of shows to portray 15th century people and what their lives would have been like at the time.”