Higher rates of pupil exclusion

PUPILS are more likely to be excluded from academies than other schools in the north of the county, new figures show.

Figures from the Department of Education show that the percentage of permanent exclusions and fixed period suspensions in county state-funded secondary schools was 9.46 per cent.

The figures, from 2009-10, show that three out of the four academies in the north of the county in that period had higher exclusion rates than other secondaries.

Kettering Science Academy was the highest with a suspension rate of 15.1 per cent and 0.57 per cent exclusion rate.

Corby Business Academy had an suspension rate of 14.5 per cent and an exclusion rate of 0.62 per cent.

Martin Campbell, principal of Kettering Science Academy, said: “In 2009, Kettering Science Academy was a new academy and there were eight permanent exclusions during that first year.

“In the last two years, this has been reduced and last year, there were only three permanent exclusions.

“The number of fixed period exclusions in 2009-10 was a fall on the previous year and this year so far there have only been 53.

“The driving force behind the fall in the number of all exclusions has been the development of a new curriculum that is focused on student need to ensure all students are motivated and engaged in lessons.”

Kettering Buccleuch Academy had a suspension rate of 9.72 per cent and exclusion rate of 0.59 per cent, and Corby Brooke Weston Academy had a suspension rate of 1.22 per cent.

Montsaye Academy became an academy last year, and it handed out 51 days worth of exclusions from September 1, 2011, to March 1 this year.

This is a reduction of 110 days of exclusions handed out during the same period last year.