Higham Ferrers hoarder to appear on BBC1 show tonight

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A Higham Ferrers resident set to appear in the BBC documentary Britain’s Biggest Hoarders has spoken out in defence of East Northamptonshire Council after programmers cut the section which shows the council helping him to deal with his problems.

The Environmental Protection team has been working closely with compulsive hoarder, Laurence, to provide him with support and help to improve his quality of life.

Laurence’s journey has been captured by the BBC show, Britain’s Biggest Hoarders, in a bid to raise awareness of the condition and the effects it has on the people who suffer from it and their families.

Throughout the year, the production company followed Laurence’s progress in clearing his property and documented the specialist help that he received.

As part of this they interviewed environmental protection officer, Palden Dorjé regarding Laurence’s progress and the council’s experience in dealing with hoarders overall.

Unfortunately, footage of Palden helping Laurence did not make the final cut.

Palden says: “Laurence has made wonderful progress with his condition and his lifestyle thanks to a team of caring professionals who have worked with him to improve his life and home.

“We know from experience that enforcement isn’t always the best route to take as it doesn’t address the root cause of hoarding.

“Many people like Laurence are simply not in a position to be able to comply with clearing a property and need help.

“Thanks to Cloud’s End, who specialise in treating the source of the hoarding and work with those affected to improve their quality of life, and many other organisations including ourselves, Laurence has found a way through his problems which we’re really pleased about.

“We just wish we’d had the opportunity to showcase what we can do to help.”

Laurence is and continues to be very thankful for the council’s help and specifically the assistance and support he has received from Palden.

He said: “It is a great shame that the filming that was done with Palden has not been able to be included on this occasion.

“The council has been so good and if it were not for them I would not have known about Clouds End.

“There are caring councils that want to help and make sure that the person in trouble does not just have their house ruthlessly cleared.

“They look for alternative help and provide on going support for the person in distress.”

Palden and the environmental protection team will continue to work with Laurence in the coming months to help ensure that his achievements have been maintained.

Laurence’s story will be aired tonight (May 23) at 9pm on BBC1.