High hopes for new product from award-winning firm

Duncan Farrington is hoping the new garlic mayonnaise will be as popular as the original variety
Duncan Farrington is hoping the new garlic mayonnaise will be as popular as the original variety

Family-run business Farrington Oils is preparing to launch its new Mellow Yellow Garlic Mayonnaise after positive feedback from those who have already tried it.

As the end of British winter approaches Farrington’s is looking ahead to the summer and hoping people try the new garlic mayonnaise packed full of roasted garlic pieces for the barbecue season.

Some of the Farrington's Oils products

Some of the Farrington's Oils products

Duncan Farrington said: “We are extremely excited to launch the latest addition to the Mellow Yellow range, and have had a really positive response from taste tests.

“People love the bursts of garlic in this truly artisan product.

“We are confident that the newest twist on our classic mayonnaise will not only be the perfect complement to barbecues and summer cuisine, but will also become a popular store cupboard staple for all occasions.”

The garlic mayonnaise is gluten and additive free and created from a recipe using free-range eggs, developed in Eli Farrington’s farmhouse kitchen.

Eli combines her passion for great food with her commitment to the cold pressed rapeseed oil, produced by her husband Duncan on their farm in Hargrave.

Duncan said: “Not only do our customers want great tasting products, they also enjoy the genuine health credentials with the simple, no nonsense, gluten-free recipes Eli creates using our Mellow Yellow cold pressed rapeseed oil, always at the heart of our range.”

Farrington’s say the garlic mayonnaise is the perfect accompaniment for a wide range of foods, including meat, fish and shellfish, a dip for crudités and canapés, in sandwiches and hamburgers, or with spicy dishes such as samosas, onion bhajis or kebabs.

The garlic mayonnaise is made with Farrington’s cold-pressed rapeseed oil.

The garlic mayonnaise costs £2.60 for 240g and is available at delis and independent stockists throughout the UK, as well as Booths.

Other products by Farrington’s include the original multi-award winning cold pressed rapeseed oil, mayonnaise, classic vinaigrette, balsamic vinegar dressing and honey and mustard dressing.