Heroic Wellingborough teenager hailed a '˜lifesaver'

A Wellingborough teenager has been hailed a '˜lifesaver' after he came to the aid of a disabled woman who was lying unconscious on the floor.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 9:48 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 9:54 am
Lewis Parry. NNL-180210-094215005
Lewis Parry. NNL-180210-094215005

Lewis Parry, a health and social care student at Northampton College’s Booth Lane campus, was given a round of applause from fellow students as a result of his actions.

The 18–year-old, from Melton Road North in Wellingborough, rushed over to the stricken woman who had collapsed and fallen out of her wheelchair close to where he was due to catch the bus into college on Friday, September 28.

He said: “She had fallen face down on the pavement and was unresponsive, not breathing at all.

“A couple of people had just walked past but I stopped to see if she was ok and when it became obvious that she wasn’t I rang for an ambulance to make sure she got the help she needed.

“I helped to move her into the recovery position, holding her neck to keep her still and when the paramedics arrived they assessed the situation and took her to hospital.

“The idea of leaving somebody on their own in a situation like this scares me, I instinctively knew I needed to help.

“I feel proud, and actually blessed, to have been able to experience something like this that makes me know that if it happens again in the future I will know exactly what to do.

“I have been learning about things such as CPR, the recovery position and how one injury can lead onto others and the content of the college course really helped me on the day.

“To be able to put into practice what we have been taught in a real life situation is an incredible feeling.

“I hope the lady is okay and recovering well.”

As a result of his intervention, Lewis was late into college but when staff discovered the reasons why his tutors were informed and the teenage hero walked into class to a round of applause from fellow students.

Tutor Laura Thorpe said: “I feel incredibly proud of Lewis.

“When others were walking by he crossed over the road and sought help very quickly.

“His course has been helpful to him and given him an understanding and a sense of duty to other people.”