Heroic Wellingborough rugby player tackled violent robber

Jordyn being presented with her award.
Jordyn being presented with her award.

An amateur rugby player was quick on her feet when she tackled a violent robber to the ground in Wellingborough.

Jordyn Mavromatis, a winger for Wellingborough Rugby Club’s ladies team, stepped in when thug Daniel O’Boyle began attacking a woman in front of her children.

Daniel O'Boyle and Elaine Garcia.

Daniel O'Boyle and Elaine Garcia.

Without a second thought for her own safety she rugby-tackled him, jumped on him and tried to stop him escaping.

He was later caught and jailed for 16 years and now Jordyn has won an award for her actions.

She said: “It was just like rugby, you get hurt so much but you don’t feel it until afterwards because you’ve got to get that person down or you’ve got to get the ball.

“He was massive and I just thought ‘go low, move your hands to the side and keep your fists closed’ and just ran.

Jordyn Mavromatis.

Jordyn Mavromatis.

“That’s exactly what I did and I just pushed and pushed.

“I don’t think I was really thinking.

“I wasn’t scared at first but afterwards I have literally never shaken so much in my life.”

The incident on August 17 last year began when O’Boyle and co-defendant Elaine Garcia burgled a house and stole a car from the driveway.

Jordyn with her award outside Northampton Crown Court.

Jordyn with her award outside Northampton Crown Court.

They then went on a spree of robberies, the third of which took place when Jordyn, 22, intervened in Gillitts Road.

O’Boyle, described as fit, strong and intoxicated at the time, tried to rob the woman of her handbag but gave up because of Jordyn’s actions.

When he tried to escape Jordyn continued to tackle him, putting her foot in the getaway car to try to prevent him driving off, and grabbed one of his shoes.

The victim suffered some injuries and her two young children were left traumatised.

O’Boyle and Garcia did eventually escape but were later arrested.

Last week Zimbabwe-born Jordyn, who works for an insurance broker in Northampton, was presented with the High Sheriff Award and £750 for her actions.

But she insisted she was no hero.

She said: “I would have done it again the next day if I had to.

“I wouldn’t call myself a hero, I really wouldn’t.

“If it was any of my friends that had done it I’d probably say they were but when it’s yourself you always downplay it.

“But I am proud of it and I’m glad I did something because there were a few people that didn’t and that shocked me.”

On February 26 this year at Northampton Crown Court O’Boyle, 41, of no fixed address, and Garcia, 43, of Henshaw Road, Wellingborough, were put behind bars.

O’Boyle was jailed for 10 years for an earlier GBH matter with an added six years for four robberies, two attempted robberies, two counts of possession of a weapon, burglary and aggravated vehicle taking.

Garcia was jailed for 22 months for burglary, breaching a community order and aggravated vehicle taking, and banned from driving for 509 days.

Presiding judge His Honour Judge Fowler said: “Jordyn’s actions were exceptionally quick-thinking and brave.

“Unfortunately the offender managed to make his escape but that was in spite of Jordyn’s persistent efforts to detain him.

“As a result of her actions the horrifying experience of the victim and her children was brought to an early end.

“When dealing with criminal cases, we have the power to recommend to the High Sheriff the granting of rewards where we see individuals acting in a public spirited and courageous way.

“Jordyn’s actions immediately stood out as requiring such a recommendation.

“She deserves to be proud of her actions.”

Det Supt Mark Behan from Northamptonshire Police said: “Jordyn Mavromatis is a very brave young woman whose actions on that day in August 2017 led to the convictions of two dangerous individuals.

“In a situation in which it would have been much easier to turn the other way, Jordyn made the decision to intervene and proved herself as a force to be reckoned with.

“I was pleased to see Jordyn presented with her award by the High Sheriff last week recognising her outstanding citizenship and courage.”