Herne the Hunter goes up in flames at Wicksteed

editorial image

These spectacular images show the eerie glow of a giant wicker man effigy as it was burned at Wicksteed Park.

The large 13ft (4m) structure was based on Herne the Hunter, the horned god and lord of the forest in British mythology.

The stunning snaps were captured by photographer Jan Sedlacek on Saturday.

They show the man-deer figure, which was the central feature of the night, burning in front of a gigantic inferno as flames tower high above piles of wooden pallets.

The beautifully-crafted wicker statue came alive with fireworks of its own before being set alight with the bonfire in a spectacle watched by thousands of spectators.

Jan said: “It was the largest fire I have ever seen. The Wicker was about four metres tall and the bonfire was reaching nearly ten metres.

“It really was a spectacular sight watching the flames eat through this enormous pile of wood. It was like burning medium size house all within less then an hour.

“I was there on behalf of the organisers to capture the bonfire and fireworks display so had a chance to use unique angles and be much more creative then if I was stuck among those huge crowds.

“The wicker effigy was lit first and then the bonfire itself. At the peak it must have had flames reaching over 30 metres and the heat was quite something.

“I was really happy how the shots came out. Working with such a huge fire brought lots of unique opportunities for dramatic and spooky shots like these.”