Heritage maps go on display in Kettering

Artist Sian Brown and Cllr Russell Roberts at the unveiling of the heritage map in Kettering train station's waiting room
Artist Sian Brown and Cllr Russell Roberts at the unveiling of the heritage map in Kettering train station's waiting room

Giant maps displaying Kettering’s heritage are going on show around the town.

The maps have been based on a design by Kettering & District Art Society member Sian Brown.

They show all the main architectural or historical buildings in the town, with the Alfred East Gallery and the museum in the foreground, from a bird’s eye view.

One of the maps has been unveiled at Kettering Railway Station where it is on show on the wall of the main reception and ticket area.

The map is being presented for display at the station by the Friends of Kettering Art Gallery and Museum.

It is based on an original which was funded by the group with the help of a matching community grant from Kettering Council and was developed from an idea put forward by committee member Phil Steele.

He was seeking an image to put on to the friends website to show the location of the art gallery and museum.

Discussions followed and a decision was made to create a map to be displayed permanently to the public at several suitable locations in the town.

The intention was that Kettering residents and visitors should be encouraged to walk through the town and come and enjoy the pleasures of the gallery and museum collections.

The map would also show the diversity of historical and heritage sites in the town centre.

A spokesman for the friends group said: “Sian rose to the occasion, researched the buildings she was to draw and made small models to copy from to create the perspective required for the map.

“This took several weeks of intensive work and resulted in an illustration that the committee found extremely pleasing.

“The street and road names were added digitally, as were the symbols and information keys.

“The final result was printed by Kensigns of Kettering.”

A copy of the map has already been installed in the foyer of the Newlands Shopping Centre, a framed print has been presented to the borough council for display in its offices, and there is a large version in the side entrance of Kettering Library.

The spokesman added: “It is appropriate that it is now to be installed in the Kettering Railway Station booking office and waiting room as the gallery and museum are only a short distance away and Kettering’s important industrial heritage

owes a great deal to the coming of the railway.”

The library’s copy of the map will be unveiled on Friday, August 7.

This will be followed by a book sale and coffee from 11am to 2pm.