Helter hound finds worldwide acclaim

AN INTERNET video of a daredevil dog has gone viral worldwide, with people as far away as Canada, the USA and Burkina Faso enjoying the clip.

Henry Kellie, 44, who works at Fairline in Corby, posted the video of Golden Retriever Tom climbing a helter skelter slide and riding down just two weeks ago and it has already been viewed 200,000 times.

And to capitalise on his new-found fame, and keep six-year-old Tom’s fans updated, Mr Kellie has launched a website dedicated to the canny canine.

Mr Kellie, of Lubenham, near Market Harborough, also teases readers on the website by writing there are more videos to come.

He said: “Tom the wonder dog amazes everyone who meets him. He’s just special.

“Even when Tom was a tiny puppy he stood out from the crowd.

“We wanted a girl but when Tom ran towards me I knew he had to be my dog.

“He isn’t the best-trained dog in the world and I spend most of the time running after him.

“He does other things that you might find even more amusing than the helter skelter. It’s all just a bit of fun really. Tom loves getting up to all sorts of antics and we do have other videos up our sleeves but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

Mr Kellie said he and Tom have been visiting the park since he was a puppy but one day, having climbed the slide himself to get a better view of the area, Tom followed him up and slid down with him.

He started walking away but turned around to see Tom climbing up again and sliding down – and now he cannot keep him off it.

But he does not stop at slides. Tom also enjoys climbing trees and riding in his owner’s canoe.

The total views for the video stood at 192,000 yesterday afternoon.

To see the website and video go to www.tomkellie.com.