Helping Kenyan boy to fulfill his education dream

The Rotary Club of Rushden Chichele has “adopted” a 15-year-old Kenyan boy, Samuel Njogu Maina, will put him through secondary school and, if all goes well, they will see him through university medical school as well.

The club is working with an organisation called The Langalanga Scholarship Fund of which David Kendrick, a Chichele Rotarian, is a trustee.

Mr Kendrick said: “Samuel lives in a three-roomed mud house with his mother on a family smallholding in the Kericho district of Gilgil where she makes about £3.50 a month. They still do not know if his father is alive or a victim of the election violence in Kenya. They have no electricity and the nearest water is a tap 1km away.

“Samuel has spent the past five years at a primary school but, as he tells us in his scholarship application, he struggled to attend regularly because he needed to work to support his family. In spite of this deprivation Samuel has worked incredibly hard to achieve the required grades. His burning desire is to be a doctor and his passion is football. He understands that without the help of Rotary there would be no hope of going on to The Jomo Kenyatta High School and then to university.

“Samuel has written to the club expressing his gratitude. At the end of every club meeting Rushden Chichele gives the Rotary Toast “Rotary Brings Hope the World Over” and members think specially of Samuel Njogu Maina, their boy in Kenya.”