Help wanted with giant tapestry

Dr Gordon Prestoungrange
Dr Gordon Prestoungrange

The team behind an ambitious new tapestry project is hoping to talk to local historians and embroiderers in Corby.

An exhibition of the 104-metre Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry will be held in the Grampian Club in November and before the exhibition the team organising it is holding special workshops where anyone interested in taking part can meet the them.

The Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry depicts the early journey of Bonnie Prince Charlie during the 1745 Jacobite uprising. Completed in 2010, it was created by 200 volunteer stitchers from across Scotland. Believed to be among the longest tapestries in the world, it was inspired by the famous Bayeux Tapestry.

Now the same management team, the Prestoungrange Arts Festival, is working on a new tapestry project focusing on the places where Scots migrated to over the centuries. Twenty-five countries will take part, with communities from each creating embroidered panels telling the history of their migration and how they fared when they arrived.

Dr Gordon Prestoungrange, chairman of the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry project, said: “We couldn’t possibly ignore England as a Diaspora destination and Corby was a natural choice as the community to represent all England-bound Scots.

“With such strong Scottish connections we really hope to find lots of people here who want to take part in the project, both as historians and embroiderers. The first step is to make contact and to gather lots of interesting stories. Then we begin creating the designs for the panels and getting people to start embroidering.”

The workshops will be held at The Bistro, The Cube, between 2pm-8pm on October 2-3. The stories generated from these meetings will be on display at the Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry exhibition, which will be at the Grampian Club between November 20 and November 30.