Help for domestic violence victims

Insp Julie Mead
Insp Julie Mead

A project aimed at helping child victims of domestic abuse is being extended across Northamptonshire.

Police will work with Women’s Aid, Groundwork Northamptonshire and other youth organisations to identify and support youngsters who have experienced abuse or violence at home.

Dozens of young people from Wellingborough, East Northamptonshire, Corby, Kettering and Northampton will be referred to take part in the project.

It is aimed at helping them deal with the trauma of the abuse they have witnessed or experienced.

The young people will be referred to the group by youth organisations, including schools and youth workers, and put into age-appropriate groups of about eight, which will meet at non-authority social venues and appear on the surface to be like any other youth group.

They will receive one-to-one support and take part in group activities aimed at raising their confidence and self-esteem and their awareness of abuse.

The project is being funded by Northamptonshire Police and will be co-ordinated by Insp Julie Mead, who is the Wellingborough sector commander.

She said: “It’s a project where we work with young victims of domestic abuse, or who have been in that situation and are still suffering with issues. We work with them on an intensive project and deal with their issues. We try to remind them that they are young people and have fun. We want to publicise the fact that it is coming and we would like to start it as soon as possible.

“I have seen the benefits of this project, having previously done trials in Corby and Kettering over the past couple of years. The force has seen the benefit of it and is funding it to be rolled out across the county.”