Hello Irthlings! Online TV series creators aim for the stars

A group of friends who have created an online drama set in Irthlingborough have completed the filming for the first series.

Irthlings follows the drama of a bunch of characters who all live in Irthlingborough, with the series following storylines ranging from marriage difficulties to a character being on the run from the police.

Cameraman Luke White filming actors Jordan Lester,Samantha Warner, with make-up artist Amy French

Cameraman Luke White filming actors Jordan Lester,Samantha Warner, with make-up artist Amy French

The online drama, which can be watched on YouTube, is the brainchild of drama student Luke White, who thought it would be good fun to have a go at creating his own series.

The 21-year-old, who lives in Irthlingborough, said: “I study drama at university in Northampton and script writing is something I’ve always been interested in, so I just gave it a go.

“Then I thought, ‘why don’t we actually try to film it?’, so I managed to get some of my friends involved and we started to create Irthlings.”

The online series mimics popular soaps such as EastEnders and Hollyoaks, but is a bit of fun, according to Mr White.

He said: “We’ve tried to create a soap that almost spoofs the over-the-top drama of EastEnders, so we have dramatic stories taking place in well-known places in Irthlingborough.

“I know some people may say it’s not fantastic, but it is a bit of fun and a lot of people have told me that they’ve enjoyed watching it.”

Six instalments of Irthlings have been posted on YouTube so far and have received a positive response, with more than 1,200 views of the first episode.

Part of the seventh episode, and season finale, was filmed on Tuesday and Telegraph photographer Kit Mallin was there to capture the stars of Irthlings in action.

The final episode will go live later this week. Filming it has been great fun, according to Mr White.

He said: “There’s not really much to do around here, so it’s nice to do something positive and have fun doing it.

“Younger people always seem to get a bad reputation, but not everybody is like that and it is nice that people can see we are doing something good.

“I work at Asda in Rushden and I’ve had people coming up to me saying that they recognised me from the show and saying they’ve enjoyed it – which is really nice.”

He added he feels Irthlingborough is a nice town and that it is good to get the community interested in the area.

Much of the action of the first series revolves around locations in Irthlingborough, but other well-known landmarks in the north of the county, including Wicksteed Park, will be familiar to local viewers.

After this series, the group of friends will have a rest from Irthlings, as many of them head back to university for the start of the new educational year.

Mr White added: “Some of us are going back to uni, and we’ll be in different parts of the country, so we decided we’ll give the series a break for a while. However, we are thinking about possibly doing a one-off Christmas special.”

You can watch the series by searching for Irthlings on YouTube.