Helicopter helps to recover vehicle

THE police helicopter helped recover a van believed to have been used by thieves trying to steal fuel in the countryside.

The helicopter helped track down a white Transit van in Fotheringhay Road, Tansor, near Oundle, after members of the public reported seeing people driving around acting suspiciously in the early hours of yesterday.

The police said the suspects, who were not caught, may have been trying to siphon fuel from storage tanks.

Members of the public called the police to report the suspicious behaviour in Tansor at about 2am. By 2.40am the helicopter was in the air.

It checked the area extensively, but the suspects were not located.

The incident was closed just after 5am.

A police spokesman said: “We had reports from members of the public of people driving around acting suspiciously.

“It appears they may have been trying to siphon fuel from storage tanks.”