Heavy rain turns Corby road into lake

Heavy rain turned Gainsborough Road, Corby, and a nearby park into a lake today (Wednesday, November 21).

From the shopping precinct right up to the roundabout near Hazel Leys Primary School, the road was impassable.

Recent flooding in Gainsborough Road, Corby

Recent flooding in Gainsborough Road, Corby

Water lapped up to the front steps of several homes and some people had to wade through water to get to Woods End Medical Centre.

The park area between Gainsborough Road and Bonnington Walk became a lake as water flooded from a nearby brook.

The downpour also caused leaks from the roofs of some of the shops in the town centre and Boots and Savers discount store were forced to close early.

Dan Pickard, town centre manager, said: “Both stores decided to close as a precaution because of fears water would get into the electric wiring. There were minor leaks at other premises in the town centre but nothing serious.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “The heavy rainfall caused flooding at various places across the county.

“Water levels on roads can rise very quickly in towns because the surrounding concrete surfaces allow water to run off very quickly.

“This happened in Gainsborough Road, Corby. Although the drainage gullies are functioning as they should, the sheer volume of water caused the flooding.

“In addition the very wet past few months saturated the soil which meant water couldn’t drain through as easily.”

People picking up children from Hazel Leys Primary School were advised to go to Sower Leys Road, to pick them up when the usual entrance became inaccessible.

A temporary opening to the school was opened and a police car was parked at the access point.

Pupils were asked to stay in school until their parents or guardians arrived to collect them.

The torrential rain also caused problems in Pytchley where the High Street was closed near Stringer’s Hill junction due to flooding.

Traffic was slow on the A43 between Stanion and Geddington as motorists coped with surface water.

One lane of both the westbound and eastbound carriageways of the A14, from the Catthorpe Interchange to Junction 2, were closed causing heavy congestion.

The M1 stayed open but there has been very heavy congestion as traffic slows down due to the difficult driving conditions.

A police spokesman said: “A large number of rural roads flooded. Our advice to motorists is only make those journeys that are absolutely necessary.

“If you do need to go out, make sure you slow down, use your lights if it is dark and remember to leave an increased breaking distance between yourself and the car in front.”

Motorists planning to use the M1 or A14 this afternoon were advised to use alternative routes, if possible.