Heavy rain takes its toll on county roads

Kettering A43 RTA:'29/04/12
Kettering A43 RTA:'29/04/12

A WOMAN was taken to hospital with “significant” injuries after her car aquaplaned across standing water on a dual carriageway before colliding with a crash barrier.

The accident took place at 12.30pm yesterday when the woman was driving along the A43 Kettering bypass towards the A14.

She was freed from her vehicle by Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service and taken to Kettering General Hospital, where she is being treated.

Police believe she may have aquaplaned on standing water under the railway bridge and hit the central reservation. The road was closed in both directions for most of the afternoon.

The county was battered by heavy rain and winds all day, leading to flood alerts being put in place at Harpers Brook between Great Oakley and Islip, and Willow Brook between Corby and Fotheringhay.

The fire and rescue service also attended a report of a dangerous telegraph pole in Finedon caused by high winds, and further afield they rescued a driver who was stranded in water in his car in Long Buckby.

On Saturday, a 30-year-old woman died after a crash on the A45 near Daventry.

Speaking about the accident near Kettering, Insp Adam Ward, of Northamptonshire Police, said: “One vehicle came off the road and went into the central barrier. A woman was taken to hospital with significant injuries.”

Despite the weather, Insp Ward said the force hadn’t dealt with any other major incidents. He said: “We were lucky it was a Sunday. It might have been different if it was a Monday.”

Rachel Stapley wrote on the Evening Telegraph’s Facebook page: “I’ve not seen any incidents but people are driving like absolute idiots.

“I have seen people speeding and overtaking on single carriageways. It’s hardly the kind of weather to even do the speed limit when the rain is so heavy you can’t see far ahead in front.”

Last week was the wettest England and Wales have experienced since December, and forecasters say after today there is no sign of the rain letting up this week.