Heart charity gets help from fab four from Rushden

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A dedicated group of Rushden friends have teamed up to create a British Heart Foundation fundraising group.

Audrey Jennings, Nicola Kenton, Rachel Hooper, and Susanna Perl joined forces earlier this year to support the charity.

Their new group will be raising funds for and organising events in support of the British Heart Foundation.

The new Rushden group is one of about 250 the charity has nationwide, comprised of about 1,700 volunteers, who carry out collections and other activities.

Group member, Nicola Kenton, 22, from Rushden, says “I wanted to get involved as someone who lives with a heart condition locally and likes to volunteer. I was inspired by the advert that the BHF released for Heart month and luckily, the Rushden Fundraising Group had just been formed.”

Rachel Hooper, from Wellingborough, said: “After being heavily involved in fundraising and charity work a few years ago I wanted to get back into this and offering my time to a worthwhile charity. The British Heart Foundation seemed a natural choice for me as so many people around me are or have been affected by heart issues. Being involved at the start of a fundraising group is exciting because there are so many opportunities to promote the good work of the charity as well as raise valuable funds and distribute resources which might save someone’s life – I can’t think of a better reason to be involved than that!”

Susanna Perl, from Rushden, added: “I enjoy doing good things for a good cause and helping charities is a good way of doing so. I know some people who have had heart problems/conditions and have died/survived and I’ve seen how having a heart condition can have a massive impact not only on the person with the condition, but the family too.”

For more information on joining the Rushden volunteer group or starting a group up in your area visit www.bhf.org.uk/volunteer.