Healthy growth for mum’s juice business

Britt Cordi with son Ralph and husband Daniel Cordi-Piec
Britt Cordi with son Ralph and husband Daniel Cordi-Piec

Mum-of-one Britt Cordi is leading the way in the world of health juices, as her Gretton-based company goes from strength to strength.

Founded in 2009, LiveWheatGrassJuice UK has grown from a company of just two, Britt and her husband Daniel, to 15 employees.

The wheatgrass is grown on organic fields near Uppingham before being harvested, juiced and frozen to preserve nutrients and the precious green chlorophyll.

Demand for the green health drink has been so high, with customers in over 12 European countries including the UK and USA, that she is now launching her second super juice.

Britt, who has a PHD in molecular biology, said: “Our new juice is called Elixir Vitality and it is a delicious, unique anti-oxidant rich fruit drink.

“In each cup there is a carefully selected blend of freshly juiced red grapes, pomegranate, raspberries, fresh golgi berries, aloe vera juice and the invigorating macha tea.”

Danish-born Britt first discovered the health benefits of wheatgrass 15 years ago, through a friend who was growing it herself.

She began growing it for family and friends before she decided to use her research background to produce the juice commercially.

It made her the first supplier in Europe committed to growing wheatgrass organically and outside.

Since that time the product has grown in popularity with thousands of loyal customers including such famous names as Radio 2 presenter Janey Lee Grace, Peter Andre and Beyonce’s musical director and guitarist, BiBi McGill.

Britt, who puts her success down to a greater awareness of super foods, hopes her new product will be just as popular.

She said: “Livewheatgrass juice and now the new Elixir Vitality provide people with a drug free alternative to getting all the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy and fit for longer.

“I understand that today’s world doesn’t always make it easy to be healthy. Our juices provide a little helping hand so people can do themselves some good from the inside out, simply and conveniently.”

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