Wellingborough health: Adult obesity means future heart problems

Wellingborough district has issues with adult obesity and teenage pregnancy
Wellingborough district has issues with adult obesity and teenage pregnancy
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While Wellingborough’s health statistics are broadly in line with the national average, the district has issues with adult obesity and teenage pregnancy.

Smoking in pregnancy is also an issue.

While the rates of deaths from cancer and heart disease are currently better than the national average, health professionals warn that adult obesity can lead to future problems with diabetes, heart problems and some forms of cancer.

This is borne out by the statistics, which show levels of diabetes are almost one per cent higher in Wellingborough than for England as a whole.

Life expectancy in Wellingborough is similar to the England average, although in the most deprived areas of the district it is about 10 years lower for men and 6.4 years lower for women.

Joyce Driscoll, set up the Nifty Fifties group at the Redwell Leisure Centre after she wanted to help people aged over 50, to get more exercise and health advice.

She said she has had an incredible response and the classes have helped many people.

She added: “A lot of older people may have lost their wife or husband and might be living on their own and be very unhappy.

“But I’ve always said if people can walk through the door at one of the Nifty Fifties classes then they will get a friendly welcome and want to come back.

“It’s not just about the exercise, there’s also a social aspect, and I think if people are happier they want to be more active and get involved in other activities.

“We also arrange outings and trips and have speakers come in to talk about issues surrounding health.”

To find out more about Nifty Fifties, call the leisure centre on 01933 402045.