Toddler Cerys in cancer setback

DESPITE nine-hour brain surgery to remove a tumour a brave toddler needs more ‘fairy dust’ after the ‘butterflies’ spread to her spine.

Unable to explain to three-year-old Cerys Edwards, of Kettering, that she needs chemotherapy after her brain cancer spread to her spine, distraught mum Adele has resorted to code words with doctors.

Cerys, who underwent surgery to remove 95 per cent of the brain tumour last month, began chemotherapy on Tuesday, February 7, after scans revealed two 10p piece-size tumours on her spine. Adele, of Sackville Street, who has cut her daughter’s hair short to prepare her for it falling out, said: “I’m dreading it. Absolutely dreading it.”

The toddler, who touched Evening Telegraph readers’ hearts when she faced going through the operation without her dad Jamie, who was in prison, has had four days of chemotherapy at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, which can make patients’ hair fall out and leave them nauseous and tired.

She will begin a second three-day dose of the treatment from March 7, the day after her fourth birthday.

If the chemotherapy fails, she will undergo radiotherapy every day for six weeks.

Great-aunt Mary Jacobsen, 57, of Crown Street, Kettering, said: “You can just look at her and you know it’s not the real Cerys.

“She’s vacant. It’s like the real Cerys has already gone.”

The cancer has left Cerys, who attended St Andrew’s CofE Primary School nursery in Kettering, barely able to walk and unable to use her right arm. She uses a special pushchair for disabled children to get around.

Mrs Jacobsen said: “It’s awful to watch.”

Cerys’ brain cancer was initially misdiagnosed as tonsillitis on January 5.

But after the headache she was suffering from got worse and she began vomiting, Adele took her to accident and emergency at Kettering General Hospital.

A doctor noticed her walking strangely and ordered a brain scan. She was in John Radcliffe in hours having surgery to remove the pressure on her brain.

She underwent more surgery to remove the tumour on January 18. Doctors have ruled out further surgery.