Three weeks to raise £30,000

Zac Knighton-Smith, of Rushden. Taken at the end of 2011
Zac Knighton-Smith, of Rushden. Taken at the end of 2011

A family has only three weeks to raise about £30,000 so they can send their little boy for treatment which could save his life.

Zac Knighton-Smith, seven, of Rushden, underwent his third lot of surgery for acute neuroblastoma earlier this month and his scans have come back clear.

But Zac was in the same position last year and three months later he relapsed so his doctors have advised his family to send him for a month of follow-up treatment at a specialist cancer clinic in Germany to give him the best possible chance.

His doctors have told Zac’s family they want him in Germany by February 20 but by then the family must have about £30,000 in place to pay for the treatment.

Zac’s mum Sam Knighton said: “We’ve been told there is no evidence of cancer which is the best possible news we could have at this stage. But we’ve been here before and Zac relapsed. The cancer could still be lurking somewhere so there’s no room to be complacent.

“The treatment in Germany will give him a far better prognosis. He needs to have every chance we can give him. The finances needs to be sorted before we go which gives us three weeks to raise the money.”

The next lot of treatment in Germany is a holistic natural treatment which is designed to cleanse Zac’s body from the remnants of the chemotherapy and to build up his immune system.

Since he was diagnosed with cancer three years ago he has undergone many courses of chemotherapy and last year alone he spent six months having chemotherapy.

Last Wednesday, exactly two weeks after his operation, Zac returned to Newton Road Primary School in Rushden, where he is a pupil, for the first time.

To begin with Zac is only attending school in the mornings and his teachers are working on a programme to help him as he has missed about two-thirds of his school life because of his condition.

In the long-term his family need to raise about £40,000 which, as well as paying for Zac’s treatment in Germany, will also go towards paying for an infra-red sauna which helps fight cancer naturally and other treatments for when they get home.