New home helps brave little girl

Five-year-old Molly Mae Whyte's new dream home has dramatically improved her life
Five-year-old Molly Mae Whyte's new dream home has dramatically improved her life

A ground floor flat with a low bath was all it took to make a massive difference to the life of a little girl who has difficulty walking.

In her old home five-year-old Molly Mae Whyte could not manage to get in the bath by herself because the side was too high, had to be carried up and downstairs because the steps were too steep for her and even struggled to walk over her front door step.

But her life has undergone a dramatic change since her father Peter Whyte successfully applied to Spire Homes housing association for the property they describe as their dream home –a two-bedroom ground floor flat in Spinney Close, Rushden.

Mr Whyte said: “It has made such a difference to my daughter.

“Living in a ground floor flat is ideal for Molly – it is great as she no longer has to go up and down the steep stairs. “She is very independent and now can do things on her own like have a bath or walk in her own front door by herself.”

Molly’s problems stem from a condition called Perthes’ disease which she was diagnosed with at the age of two.

It causes the top of her thigh bones to soften and erode and as a result she walks with a limp, falls over easily and can suffer great pain in her hips and legs as they become stiff, leaving her unable to walk.

But despite the difficulties she faces Molly is keen to try as many things as she can and since she and her dad moved into their Rushden home last March she has not looked back.

She loves being able to get in and out of her new bath by herself because it is set at a lower level and it is also fitted with a thermostatic valve on the taps so she can safely run the water without the risk of being scalded.

Mr Whyte said: “Molly has always been the type of child to give anything a go.

“Being able to bath herself has helped her gain confidence and made such a difference, so I’d like to say a huge thank you to Spire Homes.

“We love our new home. It is ideal because her school is only round the corner and she can walk this distance most days. We also have a grassed area, which she loved playing on in the summer, which our previous house didn’t have.”

At their previous home father and daughter also developed a chesty cough because the property very damp.