New figures show £2.9m a year spent treating alcohol problems

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Last year saw the highest number of people treated at county hospitals for alcohol-related issues in at least five years.

Nearly 3,000 people were admitted to Kettering and Northampton General Hospitals in 2011 suffering from alcohol-related illnesses or injuries.

Kettering treated 1,339 patients and Northampton 1,598 people. An NHS Northamptonshire spokesman said: “Reducing alcohol-related admissions is a top priority and we’re working with the police, councils and voluntary organisations to tackle this.

“People are admitted for a variety of reasons where alcohol may be a factor, ranging from high blood pressure to alcohol poisoning, falls and chronic conditions such as liver disease. While there’s now less money available for alcohol treatment than in previous years we hope to continue to reduce the number of admissions by providing more community-based services to support patients with alcohol problems and integrating health services across the county.”