It’s three of a kind

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A mother of identical triplet boys can only tell them apart by the initials she has written on their feet.

Kim Dale, 24, says she is delighted after giving birth to sons Oscar, Lucas and Harry by a Caesarean section at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge on December 19.

The boys, born five weeks before their due date, stayed in hospital over the Christmas period before returning home to their mother and father John Temple, 37, in Clopton on January 7.

The odds on giving birth to identical triplet boys is 150,000 to one.

Miss Dale said: “It is quite amazing. I don’t think we ever expected this could happen to us but they are a bundle of joy.

“The only problem we now have is telling them apart.”

Lucas weighing 4lbs 14ozs was the first to be born followed by Harry weighing 5lbs 3ozs and Oscar at 4lbs 12ozs.

The three were moved into intensive care before Harry was moved to Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon after 24 hours.

His brothers arrived less than a week later in time to spend Christmas together.

Both Mr Temple and Miss Dale spent every day with the babies before taking them home.

Miss Dale said: “The three are quite a handful, we’re going through 18 nappies a day and plenty of towels.

“Harry has a birthmark on his head but the other two are identical so we have written their initials on their feet so we know who is who.

“John is off work and we’ve got help from a student at Tresham College. It’s so far so good – I’ve not gone insane yet.”

The couple found out they were going to have triplets when, after returning from a holiday in Morocco, Miss Dale had bad morning sickness and went to have scans.

Miss Dale, a legal co-ordinator at a firm in Wellingborough, said: “The nurse asked if my family has any history of twins, I said yes and then she went on to say I was going to have triplets.

“We sat there shocked before getting it double and triple checked.

“I have to admit I was horrified. Now, though, I’m so happy, they are so perfect.”

She added: “I don’t think I’ll be getting pregnant again though.”

Mr Temple, an arts editor for a national magazine, said: “I’m so pleased with them and Kim.

“From two of us to five of us, we’re a big family now.”

Following the triplets’ birth Ford has loaned the parents a C-Max for vehicle to help them with their new load. The couple previously drove a small Renault Clio.