Hospital’s staff claim £300,000

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A hospital trust has revealed it has spent more than £300,000 on compensation payouts to staff following workplace accidents over the past five years.

Kettering General Hospital trust made payouts to staff on more than 40 occasions between 2006 and 2011 for injuries sustained by staff following falls, lifting accidents, abuse by patients and incidents involving needles or other sharp objects.

The trust is insured for individual claims above £10,000 but it pays costs up to £10,000 itself – as £10,000 is its claims excess.

Chief executive Lorene Read said staff receive regular health and safety training and the hospital takes advantage of new technologies to help prevent workplace accidents.

She said: “Kettering General Hospital takes staff safety very seriously indeed and we have many measures, training schemes and policies and procedures in place to prevent accidents.

“These include compulsory induction and refresher training courses in lifting and moving patients and other objects, health and safety at work training, and training around the correct use, and disposal, of syringes and needles.

“Where developments in technology improve safety we seek to adopt these – for example we are currently replacing all manually adjustable beds with electric beds to help improve safety.”

During the past five years the trust has paid out £115,527 following falls, £98,635 after lifting accidents, £17,079 due to incidents involving needles or other sharp objects, £10,200 for injuries caused by physical or mental strain, £10,000 because of environmental matters, £6,171 to staff exposed to electricity, hazardous substances or infections and £5,053 after staff suffered abuse at the hands of patients. The trust also spent a further £50,461 on other listed accidents.