Hospital highlights dangers of hypoglycaemia

Spirit's Ben Holdsworth and KGH nurse Kelly Brogan at the #HAW2013 stand
Spirit's Ben Holdsworth and KGH nurse Kelly Brogan at the #HAW2013 stand

Kettering Hospital will be publicising the dangers of hypoglycaemia this month by taking part in the national Hypo Awareness Week.

Hypos (hypoglycaemia or low blood glucose) happen when the blood glucose level of people with diabetes drops too low and they can feel shaky and unwell.

The National Diabetes Inpatient Audit (NaDIA), a bedside survey, has consistently found that 15 per cent of inpatients have diabetes and almost a quarter of them experience a hypo while in hospital.

Spirit Healthcare is taking part in the second national Hypo Awareness Week, which runs from Monday to Friday, September 9 to 13, to try to reduce incidents of hypoglycaemia.

Nicky Winch, specialist diabetes nurse at KGH, said: “One of the biggest problems I see is hypos, particularly when a patient comes into hospital and has an immediate change of diet. Management of that, including raising awareness at an early stage, is very important to prevent problems later on.”

Hypo Awareness Week 2013 will act as a preparation for this year’s National NaDIA, which takes place the following week.

The Joint British Diabetes Society’s new hypo guideline, which is due to be released by the end of August, will also be promoted during the week.

The trust will be staging training and events to raise awareness of the condition. Resources, including hypo symptom factsheets and posters, will be used to help spread the word.

For more details visit Hypo Awareness Week.