Home delivery is quite a catch for new dad Matthew

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A proud father caught his baby daughter when his partner suddenly gave birth in their bathroom.

Matthew Beale, 33, delivered daughter Isla Elizabeth, who was born as mum Stephanie Reed, 28, paid a visit to the toilet.

Neither were harmed by the drama, and they were tucked up in bed at home within 20 minutes of Isla’s birth.

Full-time mum Steph, of Redgrave Close, Kettering, was nine days overdue and had been having mild twinges since the early hours of the morning on Monday.

After sending Isla’s brother Ethan, six, off to Hall Meadow Primary School, the contractions became more regular, but when they called staff at Kettering General Hospital at 9.30am, they said there was no need to rush in until Steph was having three contractions every 10 minutes.

As the pains became stronger, Steph decided to go into hospital and went upstairs to get her things and go to the loo.

Matthew, a project manager for Triad in Northampton who has no medical training, said: “A couple of minutes later, she shouted downstairs.

“I rushed upstairs with the phone in one hand.”

Steph said: “I felt quite a bit of pressure and thought I would sit on the loo as it was a comfortable position.

“Then I just felt something come out. It sounds strange but I didn’t know what it was at first. I just thought that it couldn’t be the baby.”

Matthew was on the phone to the ambulance when Isla came out, so he caught her with his other hand.

He said: “She was very slippy and really hot and it was quite tricky trying to get a towel as the cord was still attached but I eventually managed to pass her to Steph.”

Isla was born at 10.08am and was 9lb 14oz.

Despite the quick delivery, Steph and Isla did not have to go to hospital.

Matthew added: “It’s a good job we hadn’t set off for the hospital because we’d never have made it. It’s much better that it happened at home than at the roadside.

Steph said: “Matthew coped very well. He could have gone to pieces and Isla could have landed in the toilet. I think he was a bit traumatised for a few days though. We’d like to say thank you to the paramedics as the ambulance was there within three minutes, and as soon as we phoned our midwife Tracy Chapman, she came round within five minutes.”

Ethan arrived home from school to discover his little sister and mum cuddled up. He said he is enjoying having a little sister. “She’s really cute,” he said.