Council staff to join the organ donor register

Organ Donor card
Organ Donor card

Kettering Council staff are being given the opportunity to sign up to the organ donor register at a special session being held at Kettering Council’s offices next Wednesday (April 10).

Town mayor Jim Hakewill will be one of those joining the register at the event – organised by Kettering General Hospital’s Organ Donation Committee.

The session is being run between 10.30am and 2.30pm.

People who join the National Organ Donor Register agree to donate all, or some, of their organs to another person who is in desperate need of transplant in the event of a sudden death, for example in a road accident.

About 27 per cent of people sign up to the National Organ Donor Register.

Cllr Hakewill said: “We were approached by Kettering General Hospital’s Organ Donation Committee to see if we could help promote signing up to national register at a local level.

“We were keen to help and thought the register signing event would be a good way for myself, and my council colleagues, to show our support.”

The Chairman of Kettering General Hospital’s Organ Donation Committee, Suzanne Sharp, who has herself had two transplants, said: “If everyone signed up the prospects for the 10,000 people nationally who currently need transplants – about 150 of whom are in Northamptonshire - would be much improved.

“In the unlikely event of your untimely death your donation could save, or transform, the lives of up to nine other people. “

Suzanne, from Brigstock, had one kidney transplant from her mother and one through the national organ donation system in 1977. As a result she now has two children Kristian, 16, and Zara, eight, and runs her own business as a management training consultant.

Anyone can sign up to the register by phoning 0300 1232323 or filling in a form online at