Charity buys car for Mikey’s hospital trips

Mikey Wells, 9, with Michelle Tomkins, Donna Wells &  Emma Knighton
Mikey Wells, 9, with Michelle Tomkins, Donna Wells & Emma Knighton

The family of a little boy with a brain tumour who had been travelling by bus to his chemotherapy sessions has received cash from a local charity to buy a car.

Chelsea’s Angels co-founder Michelle Tomkins lives in the same Wellingborough street as Mikey Wells’ family.

Mikey, nine, has an inoperable tumour on his brain stem and fluid on his brain. He has chemotherapy every week at Northampton Hospital to prevent the tumour growing.

His mum, Donna Wells, takes Mikey to hospital on the bus as her partner uses the family car for work. But the gruelling treatment often causes Mikey to be unwell on the way home and they’ve had to get off the bus for him to be sick in the past.

They are not entitled to any help with travel costs to the hospital as Donna’s partner works and because Mikey is able to walk to his nearby school.

Following a chance meeting on Facebook, Mrs Tomkins and Emma Knighton, who founded the charity in the name of her daughter, Chelsea, who died from neuroblastoma in 2009, decided to help by donating £500.

Mrs Knighton said: “It’s not right for them to go on the bus. It’s ridiculous.”

Michelle said: “As soon as Donna said that’s what they were doing, we wanted to help. We help people from all over the UK, but to help someone closer to home is special.”

Miss Wells is in the process of buying a Ford Fiesta. She said: “It’s fantastic, I can’t thank them enough.”

Mikey, who was diagnosed when he was seven, will have chemotherapy every week until July 2014, when his condition will be reassessed by doctors.