Andrew’s bid to stop smoking

Andrew Brocklesbury
Andrew Brocklesbury

Like many smokers in the UK, Andrew Brocklesby would like to quit the highly addictive habit.

The difference for Andrew is that although he smokes, he also works at the Northamptonshire Stop Smoking Service.

With the exception of a three-month period several years ago, Andy has been smoking for 10 years.

He said: “The main reason I want to quit is my health. I know from experience that within a few weeks, I will be feeling the health benefits of quitting.

“If I stay smoke-free I will not only have many years more time with my loved ones, but my quality of life will be massively improved.

“The price of cigarettes is certainly going to increase and that money could definitely be better spent on my family. As with many smokers, I had never sat down and worked out how much I was spending on tobacco each month or year. All that money going up in smoke, when it could pay for a holiday.”

Andy is moving into a new house in a few weeks and feels that now is the perfect time to start planning his quit attempt.

He continued: “With the help of Stop Smoking Specialists, I have set a quit date, discussed the products available and talked about strategies I have for when cravings break through. The advisers are very understanding and never try to push someone into a quit attempt if they are not ready.

“Working for the Stop Smoking Service has provided me with so much information on how to successfully quit. Like many people, I used to think ‘Give me some patches and I can quit on my own’ Now I know that it is really important to have the behavioural support (appointments) as well, because with the support and products the chances of quitting quadruple.

“Seeing an adviser every week or every week is the best way to stay on track and it really does help to have a friendly, non-judgemental person to talk to about any challenges I come across.”

As well as helping those smokers who want to try and quit smoking straight away, the Stop Smoking Service also make appointments for those are considering stopping smoking but need advice on how to quit and when might be suitable in the future.

To make an appointment or speak to an advisor about what’s on offer call 0845 601 3116.