Headteacher says Grange School in Kettering will get better

Headteacher Neil Aiken
Headteacher Neil Aiken

A headteacher says harsher Ofsted rankings will give his school the impetus to improve.

Grange Primary School in Kettering was visited by inspectors in September and they have told the school it requires improvement – despite receiving the same number ranking as last year.

At the start of the year, Ofsted scrapped its ‘satisfactory’ rating, replacing it with ‘requires improvement’ in a bid to stop schools resting on their laurels.

The school’s headteacher, Neil Aiken, said: “The ranking is all about terminology and it is a bit of a spin on words, I can see how parents might misconstrue it.

“But I see it as a challenge. All schools need improvement and just by handing out ‘satisfactory’ notices won’t drive schools to push forward.

“The way I see it is that the school is on a journey and I’m confident we will be able to push on to improve. Some members of staff haven’t been with us for all that journey but I believe we have a team on board to drive things forward.”

The report raised concerns that pupils were not making progress in maths, and said that teaching and management had to improve.

The school recently put in place a new leadership team and inspectors agree it is too early to see if it has had the desired effect.

Ofsted also found pupils’ behaviour to be good, as was their attainment in English, while raising concerns that marking does not always follow policy.

Mr Aiken said the school had created an action plan to tackle the issues.

Ofsted has asked the school to improve by July 2013.