Headshave to help send Rushden girl with leukaemia on dream holiday

Natasha is raising money to send Nelly from Rushden to Disneyland Paris
Natasha is raising money to send Nelly from Rushden to Disneyland Paris

An inspirational young woman has set herself a new challenge to send a seven-year-old girl with leukaemia to Disneyland Paris.

Natasha Krywald was chosen to cut the ribbon for the new M&S store at Rushden Lakes for her work in the community.

Natasha Krywald

Natasha Krywald

She was put forward after she lost her father to terminal cancer aged just three and became a young carer after her mum became disabled when she was eight.

But whatever life throws at her, Natasha battles through and her achievements include winning several awards, writing two books and trying to help the homeless in Rushden.

Her latest challenge is to send Nelly, a seven-year-old girl from Rushden who has leukaemia, on a dream holiday.

Natasha said: “Last year I jumped 15,000ft out of a plane for her and this year I am shaving my head to try to raise enough money to send her to Disneyland Paris.”

After knowing Nelly since she was a toddler, Natasha said it’s been heartbreaking to see her go through treatment since her diagnosis last year.

But she is determined to put a smile on the youngster’s face.

Natasha said: “Nelly has continued to fight and proved to us all how strong she truly is.

“She is still a long way from the end of her battle, but she has also come so far in the first year since her diagnosis.

“I am so proud of her.

“Me and Callum have decided that it is time to once again raise money for Nelly in the hope of giving her a huge treat to mark her first year of battling.

“She is doing so incredibly well and we hope that everyone will support us in our attempt to make sure she smiles bigger than ever before.

“To do this, we will be shaving our heads, in honour of her and every other cancer patient whom has lost their hair.

“For me, my hair is my identity, it calms me, it helps me hide and cover up, but it is time to be brave and do this for her, the strongest little girl I know.

“Superheroes do not need hair, just like Nelly, and we want her to know she is far from alone in this battle.”

Natasha is doing the sponsored headshave on Sunday, April 15.

And she added: “We are hoping to raise some money to send Nelly to Disneyland Paris, which is the dream she told me she wants most.

“This is a difficult goal, but even getting some of the way will be worth it.”

Natasha is hoping to raise £1,500 and anyone who wants to make a donation can click here