Have your say on the future of local government at Wellingborough workshop

The workshop is taking place on Thursday (June 21)
The workshop is taking place on Thursday (June 21)

People are invited to help shape a community response to local government challenges facing the county.

Northamptonshire Community Voices was recently launched to give people the chance to have a bigger say about their councils and services.

It comes ahead of a re-structure of local government, with all eight authorities in Northamptonshire working on a proposal for the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The Community Voices group wants people to join them on Thursday (June 21) for a workshop entitled ‘Re-thinking our services and our future.’

It will be led by Dr Simon Duffy, a nationally recognised social care specialist and internationally renowned Citizens Rights campaigner.

It is hoped the workshop, being held at The Hindu Community Centre in Highfield Road, Wellingborough, from 2pm to 5pm, will help people understand the present local government situation and explore alternative perspectives and possible solutions on how to create better and more affordable local services jointly led with local communities.

Marion Turner-Hawes, a member of Northamptonshire Community Voices, said: “We as residents wish to play a much more prominent role in creating affordable and high quality local services which put people and communities first.

“We are concerned that a narrow consultation about structures will fail to address the deep and real challenges about the present unaffordability of our essential services.

“We are also concerned that our desire for greater understanding, significantly improved accountability and an enhanced role for communities as co-leaders will also be ignored.

“Northamptonshire Community Voices is a group of people and agencies who have come together in response to local government collapse, to make sure our voices are heard and that residents also have a seat at the table as a new future is created.”

It is hoped that Thursday’s workshop will be the first of many activities to ensure a leadership role for residents and businesses.

And Marion added: “Alongside this we have also set up a network of community forums which span the county.

“Here local people are getting a chance to discuss and input into present challenges and future plans.

“The first of these started last week in Wellingborough where we attracted 40 people to Glamis Hall, including a number of existing and ex-councillors.

“Our next forum is planned for Monday, June 25, also at Glamis Hall.”

Following this week’s workshop, Northamptonshire Community Voices is keen to meet with county council leaders and commissioners to report the main findings from their event and discuss how they can work together in making services effective and sustainable for everyone in the future.

For more information or to book a place at Thursday’s workshop, click here