Have your say on potential Kettering Council Tax Support cuts

People are being urged to have their say
People are being urged to have their say

A consultation has begun over the potential for Kettering’s council tax support to be cut even further.

Kettering Council currently charges the highest rate in the country for the poor, with those in desperate need made to pay 45 per cent of their bill.

But this could now increase to 68 per cent as one of four options laid out by the authority in their scheme review.

Other options include increasing the minimum payment to 50 per cent, increasing it to somewhere between 50 and 68 per cent, or freezing the level as it is.

If the move to make the minimum payment of 68 per cent was voted through, the minimum council tax bill would increase from £10.24 per week to £15.48 per week.

Kettering Council’s minimum payment has steadily increased from 8.5 per cent (2013/14) to 15 per cent (2014/15), to 25 per cent (2015/16), to its current 45 per cent level.

The authority says that if the scheme continues in its current format, it could face a shortfall of around £92,000.

The eight-week consultation ends on December 1.

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