Have your say on future plans for Irchester

Have your say on future plans for Irchester
Have your say on future plans for Irchester

People who live in Irchester, Knuston and Little Irchester are invited to have their say on future plans for the parish at an event to be held from 10am until 4pm on Saturday, April 13, at Irchester Village Hall.

In 2012 a Neighbourhood Plan Group was formed to look at the community needs of residents and businesses within the parish.

A neighbourhood plan report will be written and voted on by residents. If accepted will be used as a guide for development until 2031.

As part of the investigating process, the event is being held by the Neighbourhood Plan Group on Saturday.

Local societies, organizations and businesses will also be present on the day with displays in order to inform people what else the Parish of Irchester offers.

Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Group, Jon-Paul Carr said: ‘The day will give local people, both young and old, a chance to share their concerns and positive ideas for how they may want the Parish to change and develop in the future.

“The Parish covers three unique settlements, Irchester, Knuston and Little Irchester and it will be great if people tell us how they would like there community to be in the future.

“Any ideas are welcome and the day will serve as a fact finding day to find out what people views are on a variety of issues from traffic, highways, infrastructure, leisure facilities, industry, housing, businesses and trade opportunities. Any suggestion could be the next Big Idea for the Community for the future.”

For details, email irchesternhp@gmail.com, or call the parish plan co-ordinator Nikki Daft on 07525 909528.