Have your say in review of polling districts and stations in Kettering borough


A review of polling districts and polling places used for elections within the area of the borough of Kettering and the existing Kettering parliamentary constituency is under way.

A report has been compiled by the acting returning officer in respect of all of the polling districts, polling places and premises currently used as polling stations.

A further report that will make a comment on proposed polling stations and an indication of when and where the acting returning officer’s representations will be made available will also be published after all comments have been received and will also be available as detailed below.

A Kettering Council spokeswoman said: "The council would welcome the views of electors within the authority or the parliamentary constituency, particularly disabled residents who may make representations on the authority’s proposals, the acting returning officer’s representations or any matters in respect of this report or any other matter relating to the review.

"Persons or bodies making representations should, if possible, identify alternative places that can be used for polling."

Comments and representations may be made up until July 31.

For further information or to obtain copies of the report, contact Ian White, Electoral Services Manager, Bowling Green Road, Kettering, NN15 7QX, or phone 01536 534200 or email ianwhite@kettering.gov.uk.