Have you seen missing puppy Frankie?

Missing puppy Frankie
Missing puppy Frankie

A family are appealing for people’s help to find their missing puppy.

Distraught Toni Robinson and her two children are appealing for people’s help to find their missing puppy, Frankie.

Frankie is a four month old female, black and tan, German shepherd.

She went missing from Langham, in Rutland, on Sunday, September 20, at about midday.

She was out in the garden with the family’s other dog, George, a British bulldog.

Frankie is microchipped and was wearing a collar.

The family have only had Frankie two months and she is already a huge part of the family, and they desperately want her back home, where she belongs.

Toni’s children are deeply upset, and have made posters and put them up at their school, libraries, shops, vets and around the local area.

Toni has called dog wardens, rehoming shelters & vets in the local area but has had no luck finding Frankie.

Toni says: “It is devastating that Frankie is missing, she is such a loveable and clever dog.

“My children adore her and are struggling without her.

“We love her with all our heart and her loss is heart breaking for us all.

“She is so much more than just an animal, she is a firm member of our family.

“All I want is for Frankie to be returned to her family – my children and George need her back.”

Despite all their efforts the family have still not heard anything and fear Frankie could now be some distance from Rutland.

If you have seen Frankie or know where she is, please get in touch, via the Facebook group site FIND Frankie, or call 01572 723075.