‘Have a Go’ at club’s annual sports day

Kettering Archery Club's Have a Go day in 2013
Kettering Archery Club's Have a Go day in 2013

Kettering Sport Club is inviting people to try their hand at several different sports during the club’s annual ‘have a go’ day this Sunday, August 9.

The club, off Lake Avenue, is hosting sessions in archery, cricket, football, hockey and tennis between 11am and 2pm.

This is the third annual ‘Have a Go’ day the club has arranged.

Kettering Sport Club is an umbrella organisation which includes Kettering Archers, Kettering Town Cricket Club, Hawks and Supporters Football Foundation, Kettering Hockey Club, Kettering and District Rifle Club and Kettering Spinney Tennis Club.

All of the clubs are well established but are keen to find new players and members.

Kettering Archers are more than 30 years old and have almost 60 members while the cricket club is more than 125 years old and has been located in the same Kettering site for most of that time. The Hawks and Supporters Football Club is affiliated with the Ise Lodge Youth Football Club.

For more information about the event, or for information about any of the organisations which fall under Kettering Sport Club’s umbrella, visit www.ktcsc.org.