Has Shakespeare Done it Again?

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Wrenn School, Wellingborough, pupil Jessica Parnell reviews the film Much Ado About Nothing.

In 1598 William Shakespeare wrote another masterpiece that sold out.

This magnificent play was called Much Ado About Nothing.

Then in 2005 the story was re-told in a modern-day version for viewers of all ages to see it over again!

I won’t bore you with what the actual play was about – instead I’ll review the modern version of it and hope you like it, like I do.

I think people who like drama and romance films will love watching this play being re-told.

I love it, with all the tension and suspense it brings to your doorstep! But will you love it?

Firstly it is a bit confusing with who is who but when you learn that you also learn about the characters’ past lives.

When I started watching it I had no clue why a woman and a man were getting changed in different houses.

Then one went to a fancy restaurant and got told by the waiter she had been stood up so she went home in tears.

Then I found out Benedick stood up Beatrice and now he works with her!

The good thing about the film is you get to relive what you were not actually alive to see in person.

It also helps with letting you know what it is like being a news reporter or someone who is a weather girl.

Also with all the drama going on but to the side you have the romance and all within it is a secret!

No-one will ever find out what the real meaning of life is. No-one will ever understand what it is like to be someone else.

But with this film it helps, a lot to understand what people go through on the outside and on the inside.

The only bad thing I can actually come up with is that when you watch it you need to pay attention to every detail.

You need to listen and then think about the characters.

You should watch, learn, think and listen to every single word people say or you will be stuck.

The characters are also set out nicely. The love triangle between Claudio, Hero and Don Pedro. Then the settled romance of Beatrice and Benedick. Then you settle on the other secondary characters.

To summarise, it is a drama and romance which is not complicated to watch and teaches you a lesson in life.

You need to see this film! I give it 4.5/5.