Hannah shaves head for cancer charity

Hannah Loy
Hannah Loy

Brooke Weston Academy student Hannah Loy has raised more than £600 for charity with a close shave.

Hannah, who is in Year 11, has always had long hair and decided to shave it off for a cancer charity after a family member was diagnosed with the illness.

Her hair will be donated to an organisation which produces wigs for people who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Hannah said: “One of my aunties has got cancer and it is at an advanced stage so I wanted to do something for Cancer Research.”

From the start Hannah knew how she wanted her hair to be cut, and said: “My auntie cut my plait off.

“That took about two minutes, then her children, my cousins, cut little bits off.”

The brave student then went to Sarah’s Hair and Beauty where they shaved the remaining locks off.

Her efforts have resulted in lots of messages of support and congratulations on Facebook.

She said: “I had a really good response and have £650 pledged.

“Teachers have sponsored me and lots of people are giving me money and saying how proud they are of me.”

As well as support from friends, her family have also been very supportive.

Hannah said: “The reason I shaved my head rather than doing Race For Life was as a sign of respect for people who have gone through chemotherapy.

“My family supported me the whole way through.

“My mum thought it was a good idea from the start because she knows lots of people who have had cancer.

“My family have given me so much money and I am really happy with the support I have got.”

The youngster has found there are some advantages to her new hair, and said: “Now I get up in the morning and don’t have to do anything to my hair, just splash some water on it.”

However, with the winter months approaching, she has a few concerns about the weather.

She said: “My body is not used to losing so much heat. It is so cold now so I will have to get used to wearing hats!”