‘Hands off our trees’ Kettering residents tell developer

Trees along Gipsy Lane.
Trees along Gipsy Lane.

A resident of Kettering’s Gipsy Lane says plans to chop down 18 trees to make way for a new housing development will ruin the area’s heritage.

Jerry Sands has voiced his concerns over the 350-home bid, which will be decided by the planning inspectorate.

An artist's impression of the site.

An artist's impression of the site.

Much of the discussion about the plans has been surrounding access into Gipsy Lane from Warren Hill and whether there should be traffic lights or a roundabout.

But Mr Sands says he’s worried that trees will get lost in the midst of it and has come up with an alternative which would see them saved.

He said: “The trees are the whole heritage of the lane and one of the most pleasant views in the town.

“It’s one of the dangers of these access roads coming out on to Gipsy Lane.

“There are so many people who are keen on these trees and they do not need to be felled.

“They can stay exactly the same way as it is.

“But once they have chopped the trees down they are gone forever.”

Under the proposal there would be two access points on to the site from Gipsy Lane, north and south.

To create these access points trees would have to be felled, but Mr Sands says this can be avoided with different access points.

He has suggested access points from Thorpe Lane and the adjacent Westhill development through the ‘ransom strip’ at the end of the site.

Mr Sands, who has lived in Gipsy Lane for 30 years, said: “We’ve proposed a mini-roundabout on Thorpe Lane with another on Gipsy Lane and then a larger roundabout to lead on to the Warren Hill junction at the crematorium.

“There is plenty of land here and no traffic lights would be required.”