Gypsies could stay on site near Kettering despite rejected planning application

The proposed traveller sites in Kettering which were eliminated in 2014.
The proposed traveller sites in Kettering which were eliminated in 2014.

Gypsies who had increased the size of a camp near Kettering without prior permission could stay on the site for at least six months, despite having their retrospective planning applications rejected.

At a Kettering Council meeting last week, officers considered nine separate applications relating to unauthorised development in an area known as Greenfields near Braybrooke.

Having weighed up all the information, the planning committee’s decision was to refuse permission for the Greenfields applications because the planning objections were overriding.

They felt the increase posed a significant harm to the landscape and countryside setting.

The committee also felt it was an unsustainable development, being away from a range of services and with a reliance upon private transport.

However, the applicants have the right to appeal against the decision.

If any of the applicants decide to take up their right of appeal, which they must do within six months of the planning decision being issued, the matter will be heard by an independent inspector from the Planning Inspectorate.

At the same meeting, an application to increase the size of a site off the old A43 at Broughton to four pitches was granted conditional approval.

It was decided that the site was close to a settlement with services and connected to an existing approved Travellers site.

The meeting was the first of its kind since the controversial meeting in February 2014 which saw plans for two sites in Kettering eliminated.